Wall On Wall
Kai Wiedenhofer (German, 1966–)

Wall on Wall

For over twenty-five years, Kai Wiedenhöfer has photographed border walls around the world. The dismantling of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 initially inspired Wiedenhöfer, though he believed back then that day “would be the end of walls as a political instrument and put them on the garbage heap of history.” Instead, Wiedenhöfer tracked the building of dozens of new walls along international borders, between disputed territories, and within zones of conflict. Wiedenhöfer’s Wall on Wall is a selection of his work from this project, which was also recently installed on remnants of the Berlin Wall at the city’s East Side Gallery.

The Goethe-Institut Washington will host a special outdoor installation of Wall on Wall on the façade of its building, in conjunction with the exhibition inside, The Wall in Our Heads: American Artists and the Berlin Wall that also reflects on the legacies of division.

Additional Sources:
Kai Wiedenhöfer, Controntier (2013)